Covering The Basics

If you are new to Sole Power, first off welcome!  Below is a good place to start for how things work and where you can go on the site. 
You can also check out our getting started page here.


Sole Power is Simple- It is free and easy to sign up. When you sign up and create your account you will be taken to a page to enter some basic trip information. After that, we do all the hard stuff and calculate your fuel savings and the carbon emissions you prevented from entering the atmosphere. You can join a team when you register or switch teams at any time on your profile page. Any team information will automatically be calculated from data you entered for your individual trips.


Sole Power is a free challenge open to anyone who lives in the Eagle Valley. From Vail to Dotsero- if you live in the Valley we want you to join and start your human powered commuting today! Just remember cars, motorcycles, and busses do not count and neither does carpooling. This is a human powered commuting challenge so biking, walking, running, skating, anything as long as a motorized vehicle is not involved.


Sole Power functions on the honor system. A trip may count as long as there is a destination and the walk, run, ride is not purely recreational. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us at and we can help determine if a trip would count or not. We do not have million dollar prizes yet, or professional athletes so have fun, be honest, and ask questions.


Why not? Human powered commuting is a great way to exercise, it can be fun, it saves money, and it helps save the planet. Imagine how much money you can save with fewer fuel bills. If those reasons are not enough- do it for the prizes, the parties, and the competition. Challenge a friend, challenge a rival business or club, challenge yourself. Sole Power is a great way to meet people around the valley at our social events and even discounts available at various sponsoring stores.

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Pass On The Gas
Bike - Walk - Run - Log for the environment

The Town of Vail, the Vail Recreation District and Friends across the Eagle Valley are excited to bring you the Sole Power Challenge – a free summer contest designed to help us all reduce our carbon footprint, get fit, and save the planet and dollars all at the same time. Don’t delay, sign up today!